Apr 09

Has anyone got the album?!
I have it and I like it...
and in my opinion the best songs of this album are Beautiful Dangerous feat. Fergie and Nothing To Say with M. Shadows...
what's yours?!

Excuse the obscene,ignore the untrue,
Depictions we see,try and get through,
Admitting mistakes can't hurt
I'm not the last but I sure ain't the first.

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  1. RE: Slash?!

    Apr 09

    i don't see why ppl give a toss about him so much, and i won't be buying it, both myles k songs were medioker at best, not worth my money.

  2. RE: Slash?!

    Apr 09

    I won't get it. Not really bothered about it. Sometimes I think he needs to take his face for a shit with some of the bull he says.

    This comment is a kind of magic.

  3. RE: Slash?!

    Apr 14

    i got it. its pretty good. ummm one guy on their sounds like Axl awesome stuff but yeah i just cant wait for sixx ams album :O

  4. RE: Slash?!

    Apr 15

    I was gonna buy it the other day but i didnt. I wish i would have.

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