good luck

May 14

Just wanted to know who out there has exams real soon?

i'm sure some of you do, so gooood luck.
hope they go well



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  1. RE: good luck

    May 14

    Thanks for the luck. Yeah I have college exams coming up at the end of May.

  2. RE: good luck

    May 14

    I dont big exams coming up but they are end of the year tests. Good luck to all.

  3. RE: good luck

    May 14

    aww we always talk about exams don't we faria hun :D good luck to you too darling x

  4. RE: good luck

    May 14

    thanks. i'm almost done. woot, only one more (written) exam left...

  5. RE: good luck

    May 14

    in 2 weeks my final exams...

    good luck for everyone xD

  6. RE: good luck

    May 14

    got my 4 big exams in to weeks...i'm so scared!

  7. RE: good luck

    May 14

    my four exams start on the 8th of june... haha x

  8. RE: good luck

    May 14

    i have 2 of the craziest exams of my life coming up starting next week... so thank you for the luck
    i also wanna wish everyone else luck!

  9. RE: good luck

    May 14

    I got my final Biomechanic's exam to finish university a week on Wednesday, cannot wait to get that over with. Providing i pass everything i finish university a 10.40am GMT on May 29th, so weird that is after three years here.

  10. RE: good luck

    May 15

    Thanks and good luck to eveyone. Two science tests coming up; but I'll have a GCSE by end of the year.

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