My zombie film.

May 02

Hey all. This is a short film I had to make for one of my clases as my end of year project for my course. It's a mockumentary (comedy/dockumentary) on zombies. So I thought I'd put it up here and see what you all think. Also just to let you know the sound is a bit off as I had to rush the editing :( Hope you all like it.


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  1. RE: My zombie film.

    May 03

    That was good. =D

    This comment is a kind of magic.

  2. RE: My zombie film.

    May 03

    Thanks. Just wish I had had the time to fix the sound though. Ah well. The teacher liked it so not all bad!!

  3. RE: My zombie film.

    May 03

    haah cool! xD

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