Favourite song?

Jul 20

Hi everybody!

I'm just wonder- What's your favourite song? :))


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  1. Re: Favourite song?

    Jul 20

    Never Been to Me of course!

    This comment is a kind of magic.

  2. Re: Favourite song?

    Jul 20

    thats a hard one if i had to choose it would be forever,im back, or nightmare

    R.I.P. THE REV
    and RJD

  3. Re: Favourite song?

    Jul 20

    well, in general or papa roach?

    in general it would be apocalyptica - conclusion
    papa roach wise it woul be broken home

  4. Re: Favourite song?

    Jul 20

    Papa Roach = Tie between Harder Than a Coffin Nail & Decompression Period

    Others =
    Alexisonfire - Happiness by the Kilowatt
    Propaghandi - A speculative Fiction

  5. Re: Favourite song?

    Jul 20

    favorite papa roach song would be either scars or broken home.
    my favorite song in general would be either end of the story or love is all i have, both by downstait.
    welcome to my world
    where everyone i ever need
    always ends up leaving me alone

  6. Re: Favourite song?

    Nov 10

    1. Broken Home
    2. No Matter What
    3. Last Resort

    Why Broken Home?,
    Well i have made the same things through. But i don't want to talk about it.
    Cheers! KevietRoach.

  7. RE: Favourite song?

    Nov 11

    kinda hard to choose....favorite papa roach song is between scars and no matter what

    in general

    1. Lost In You and Never Too Late both by Three Days Grace
    2. She by Green Day
    3. Ready To Fall by Rise Against
    4. Discovering the Waterfront, my heroine and still dreaming by silverstein
    5. The Reason by Hoobastank
    6. One Step Closer by Linkin Park
    7. Semi Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind
    8. Hanging by a moment by lifehouse
    9.Meant to live by switchfoot
    10. I'd do anything by simple plan feat mark hoppus...and give me a sign by breaking benjamin

    thats my top 10 for now....but there are alot of songs that i like.....

    please click this link to see something interesting
    i know your human instincts want to click that thing

  8. Re: Favourite song?

    Nov 11

    Favorite Papa Roach is most definitely Black Clouds and also No Matter What.:)

  9. Re: Favourite song?

    Nov 11

    hollywood whore, last resort..:))

  10. Re: Favourite song?

    Nov 15

    omg my favorite song iz foreveer by papa roach

  11. Re: Favourite song?

    Nov 15

    uuh, hard one.. by Papa Roach, of course is Last Resort, State of Emergency and Dead Cell one of them.
    in General is Fall Back Down very high up :)

  12. Re: Favourite song?

    Nov 15

    in the world is misery business by paramore
    and from PR: cRaSh

    once a whore you're nothing more, i'm sorry that'll never change!

  13. Re: Favourite song?

    Nov 15

    from papa roach - getting away with murder
    from avenged sevenfold - afterlife
    from paramore - misery business
    from slipknot - all hope is gone
    from escape the fate - this war is ours
    from green day - jesus of suburbia
    from madina lake - pandora
    from hollywood undead - young
    from my chemical romance - welcome to the black parade
    from linkin park - numb
    from fall out boy - thnks fr th mmrs
    from a day to remember - i'm made of wax larry...
    from stone sour - through glass
    from 30 seconds to mars - this is war
    from blink 182 - dammit
    from bullet for me valentine - hearts burst into fire
    from bring me the horizon - chelsea smile
    from alter bridge - metalingus
    from lostprophets - rooftops
    from rise against - prayer of the refugee
    from you me at six - jealous minds think alike

    there, thats my favourite song by each of most of my favourite bands

    ~ All I wanna do is trade this life for something new ~ Holding on to what I haven't got ~

  14. Re: Favourite song?

    Nov 24

    Dead Cell.
    Fuck a hero, be yourself

  15. Re: Favourite song?

    Nov 24

    wings of a butterfly: H.I.M.
    Same 'ol same 'ol check the print in memoir! fuc!n rat or evr mice

  16. Re: Favourite song?

    Nov 25

    No Matter What or Reckless maybe its really difficult to choose as all Papa Roach songs are of course wicked.

    If your talking in the entire universe though its got to be Sweet Child O'Mine!!

  17. Re: Favourite song?

    Nov 30

    by Papa Roach or anyone in general. Too many to name from Papa Roach...
    What do we stand for?
    When we all live in fear.

  18. Re: Favourite song?

    Dec 04

    My favorite Papa Roach songs are: "...To Be Loved," "Take Me," and "Sometimes." My favorite song of all time is "KRWLNG" by Linkin Park. But those PR songs I mentioned also count as favorites of all time:) Love them all!

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