Chat room?

Sep 08

How long has there been a chat room? o.o I just noticed it.. maybe it came along with the new site layout?

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  1. Re: Chat room?

    Sep 08

    i've only seen chat on here since the new layout site layout
    Isaiah laporte

  2. Re: Chat room?

    Sep 08

    ?? that has to be new, even for the new layout, im sure i would have noticed it as i check the site everyday, thanks for sharing, im gonna go check it out :D

    ~ Nothing stops the madness turning, haunting, yearning pull the trigger ~

  3. Re: Chat room?

    Sep 08

    Hopefully everyone notices it now xP

  4. Re: Chat room?

    Sep 08

    yea its been up for a day or 2 now.

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