New Year's Resolutions

Dec 31

This one hasn't been done yet. lol.

What's your new years resolution?

mine is 'Make a new years resolution next year'
I never break it :D yay

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  1. Re:

    Dec 31

    from mah myspace blog! lol

    things to look forward to:
    papa roach album
    seeing papa roach alot!
    madina lake
    madina lakes album

    new years resolutions:
    write to dylan
    keep pushing myself in snowboarding
    learn to ride switch
    learn 180s and 360s
    get down all 4 basic grabs
    gauge to like, a 2? who knows haha. no bigger than 0 though nonono.
    just make it through the year lol.

  2. Re:

    Dec 31

    That's an easy one...become even more obsessed with Papa Roach!!!! This new site is already putting me in the right direction! It's getting better and better to me!

  3. New album

    Jan 01

    Can't wait for download fest! and Papa Roachs new album wooo!

  4. Resolution

    Jan 01

    I am going to buy a nice new TV this year as my resolution, lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Two things really

    Jan 01

    1. Get healthy

    2. Commit to reading my Bible.

    : 3

  6. New Year 's Resolutions

    Jan 03

    Who gives a shit about resolutions!

  7. RE:

    Jan 08

    to go to as many rock shows as I can lol. that I know i can achieve lol

  8. Resolutions.

    Jan 08

    I don't have any because in the past I have found that I have made them and then never kept them.

  9. Re:

    Jan 15

    See PRoach!

    Btw I love yours Busta xD

  10. Moderator

    RE: New Year's Resolutions

    Jan 16

    SamSam333 wrote:
    See PRoach!

    Btw I love yours Busta xD

    haha thanks. it never fails me :D

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