Favourite movie

Jan 02

This topic kinda existed but not really so *lol* I added it here. Tell me what is /are your favourite movie/s?

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  1. Favourite Movie

    Jan 02

    i kinda like Saw V ...so if documentary it's like a movie ... i like Jack the Ripper documentary

  2. my fave movies

    Jan 02

    Constantine; Cruel Intentions; A Walk to Remember and Life as a house

  3. Re:

    Jan 02

    Saving private ryan
    AntiKiller , AntiKiller 2

    cant remember any more right now , ill add more later :)

  4. Re:

    Jan 02

    Anything with Seth Rogen in it...I'm lame and am crushin on him bad!

  5. Favorite Movie

    Jan 02

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind :D

  6. Re:

    Jan 02

    pirates of the caribbean 1

  7. Moderator


    Jan 02

    Home Alone
    Hocus Pocus

  8. Re:

    Jan 03

    i like all the Bourne movies..and anything with Jason Stathem hes my favorite actor :) i also love Underworld 1&2, The Covenant, The Punisher, Mission Impossible 2&3, well i guess i could say i love Action movies the most XD

  9. Re:

    Jan 03

    sweeney todd, pirates of the carribean 1, (anything with johnny depp haha) spider-man 2, the dark knight...etc.

  10. actually...

    Jan 03

    I used to love Gladiator for a long time, but haven't watched it in ages... greta movie as well and of course DEAD POETS SOCIETY can't believe I forgot it

  11. Re:

    Jan 03

    o0o0 thats a toughy but mine are prob Howls Moving Castle, nightmare before christmas *i was a hardcore fan since i was like 5 lol no fake* ummm def live and murderous in chicago! and a clockwork orange ^_^

  12. my fav

    Jan 03

    Interview with the Vampire.
    love vamp films and books lol bit strange I guess.

    Has anyone seen twilight?what did you think?

    I really liked it but thats me lol

  13. RE: Favourite movie

    Jan 03

    papa_roachgrl67 wrote:
    o0o0 * ummm def live and murderous in chicago! and a clockwork orange ^_^

    Clockwork Orange is a classic, my dad had me watch it when I was like 10...but I didn't really get it until years later. Haven't seen the live and murderous in chicago, but heard it rocks

  14. Re:

    Jan 03

    Hocus Pocus
    The Curious case of Benjamin Button
    The Notebook

  15. Jumanji

    Jan 04

    Busta wrote:
    Home Alone
    Hocus Pocus

    Jumanji, LMAO! I haven't seen that film in ages! Its owns!

  16. Re:

    Jan 04

    my favourite mov's ar':
    - Transporter 3
    - Eagle Eye
    - Requiem for a Dream :)

  17. Re:

    Jan 04

    Top Five (1 & 2 are constant, the rest change frequently):

    The Usual Suspects
    Raging Bull

  18. Re:

    Jan 05

    the dark knight
    pitch black
    waynes world
    back to the future

  19. Re:

    Jan 06

    -Madagascar ( 1 and 2 )
    -Batman TDK

  20. Re:

    Jan 06

    My favorite movie
    every film with Matt Damon (The Bourne identity, the Bourne supremacy, The Bourne ultimatum) & Las Vegas 21

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