The "Omg I cannot feel my limbs" thread....

Aug 02

Ok, we ALL go to shows,Papa Roach or not, we go to shows.

Lets use this thread, to complain about how sore we are since people are blogging it alot lately :-P

plus... im about to literally fall, the fuck., over. Halestorm, Chevelle, Korn.

Holy. Shit. I was dead center front row all night. I cannot feel anything from my waist down. My neck is killing me. And im on a BAD anxiety rush that has me totally wide awake.


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    Aug 02

    I know what you mean. Normally I look drunk when I emerge.

    I can't feel my limbs after playing football sometimes. I get battered being a goalkeeper and always get knocked about.

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    Aug 02

    I came home from a concert once and I swear I had broken my jaw and dislocated my shoulder. I was watching the Static X set after a fair amount of Jim Beam and I saw the moshpit and I was thinking 'Fuck yeah I'm getting in on that!'... so I ran down into the pit with all my bits and pieces covered, all buttons buttoned and my sunnies nicely positioned between my boobs so they didn't fall off my head lol

    I came out looking like a drowned cat, my shirt being held closed with only 2 buttons, a bit of a bruise on my chest from when my sunnies got obliterated when the crowd surged forward. Some fuckhead used my body as a step up to crowdsurf, he pulled himself up with my shoulders and proceeded to introduce my face to his huge steel-capped boots. At the time I was enjoying the band too much to care but the next day the hangover and pain kicked in lol

    good times

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    Aug 02

    i'm gonna die in october. x
    in april I only went to two shows and i already felt dead... sore throat, headache, body ache... now i've got october which is four shows... and i like to rock hard at shows.. lmfao x

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    Aug 02

    yeah i feel the same way mostly its a sore throat and numb feet but other times my body can be unpredictable! lol

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    Aug 02

    I blew my voice out at my last PR show.
    Seriously folks, do not, I repeat, do NOT scream the "wake up" part of Hollywood Whore if you do not know how to scream. :]

    My voice is still a little fucked up four months later.

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    Aug 02

    Tulve wrote:
    I blew my voice out at my last PR show.
    Seriously folks, do not, I repeat, do NOT scream the "wake up" part of Hollywood Whore if you do not know how to scream. :]

    My voice is still a little fucked up four months later.

    NOW you tell me! o.0 haha i seriously think that and when he screams "--whereever u are--LEMME HEAR U SCREAM) i lose my voice

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    Aug 02

    My neck always gets super sore! oh, and my legss! Yikes!

    October is going to be crazy.. Standing in one spot for like 7 hours. but not for PRoach..

    wahhh.. :/

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    Aug 02

    i always seem to get in a fight with someone and there was one show where they all just thought the lead singer was hot and didnt really like the music ( i actually liked the music and knew the songs and everything) did not go well when he came in the pit ( this was not papa roach i cant remember who it was for sure not proach lol) anyways i ended up with my earring nearly being ripped out and a broken nose there was blood everywhere and i just started laughing haha! my nose has not been the same since lol

    not to mention that i always bruise my ribs! i guess im a fighter (dont worry im not the type to pick a fight with people i hate those people)

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    Aug 02

    my neck,arms,and legs usually hurt.
    ohh and my throat.

    after a papa roach show i can hardly talk the next day my throat is killing me. after 2 of the 3 pr shows i have been to i have had school the next day and i cant talk at school. im all horse and my throat bothers me so when teachers call on me i talk really really low. lmao. but its all worth it :D

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    Aug 02

    the only thing that hurts with me after shows is my legs, and thats just from standing in line for 3+ hrs then having to stand for another hour for the show to start, etc.

    the only other times im hurting is during the shows when i get slammed against the barricade, crowdsurfers hitting me, or when the crowd gets so fucking bad that the pple's elbows and arms beside me are pushing on my ribs so fucking bad....goddamn that hurts!!!

    and you know what im suprised by is my throat never being sore from screaming the entire concert, i havent had a sore throat from a concert since my very first concert back in 2005, i scream so fucking much at concerts and yet at the end of em my throat doesnt hurt one bit....
    but then again i see that as a good thing :]

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    Aug 03

    i've been to four concerts in my life.i'll describe how i felt for all of them
    1.evanescence-i felt fine cuz i had the worst seats u could get but i was on an "oh my god my first concert for my 10th birthday was awesome even though they looked like ants"high lol
    2.good charlotte-i was really really close to the stage and pretty much the only one rocking out so my neck kinda hurt
    3.avenged sevenfold+papa roach-i was in the pit.ouuuuuuuch.i was getting shoved around by people alot bigger than mom accidently punched me in the jaw was my first experience in a mosh pit so it freaked me out just a little head and neck hurt from throat was dead from yelling and my arms and legs hurt but it was of course worth it =)
    5.-papa roach-well... i wasnt even in the stadium lol.i was just listening but i was standing on a guard rail to see the guys and my legs hurt from that but oh well... still worth it!!(i saw tobin and tony when they opened this one gate and i was all happy so it was a nice day xD)

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    Aug 03

    I feel every small muscle in my body -.- and the blisters on my feet...hell -.-

    damned two-days festival XD

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