Tattoo ideas?

May 24

Hello Y'all i am soon turning 18, and i would like to get a tattoo on my B-day i do have some ideas like a chinease symbol of some sort(not sure where tho) or my fav quote from any PR song which is from "carry me" quote: "The hardest ones to love are the ones that need it most" down my arm

Any of you that got any ideas to something else or just a comment on where you think i should get the tattoo done?:)
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  1. Re: Tattoo ideas?

    May 24

    First of all: it is a goddamn stupid idea having a tattoo just for fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You always have to be aware that you are going to have this tattoo for the rest of your life. Until the day you die. Tattoos should mean something special for you.

    It is sure really friendly to ask us, but the idea of the tattoo must come from yourself. You have got to know, what you want to have on your skin and what it means. And if you have no idea - fuck, then just wait some months until you got the one that you really want. Else you might become a victim of a hasty reaction.

    I for my self thought about a year until I even made the decision to have a tattoo. The impressions for the tattoos which are planned right now are also carried by me for months.

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  2. RE: Tattoo ideas?

    Oct 23

    Im getting the lyrics "my scars remind me that the past is real" on my arm with a shattered heart sewn back together with a papa roach logo. The reason being because i secretly battled depression and turned to cutting as a release. Obviously, i have scars that remind me of my past every single day. For me, the tattoo will be something meaningful personally.

  3. RE: Tattoo ideas?

    Nov 01

    Make sure you know who you are going to. Where I live, any one can tattoo. I always tell people where I live to go to my husband. Not because I'm married to him. His shop is clean, he does everything the right way, and he is a great artist. Where I live we have kids tattooing out of their houses. As for what you want, really think about it. It is with you forever. All the ones I have really mean something to me. Good luck with what you decide.

  4. Re: Tattoo ideas?

    Dec 09

    I totally agree with the ones who commented before me.
    You should really think about it. I got my first tattoo as a birthday gift from my sister - but I decided six months what it is going to be. and for my second one I waited eight years.

    Think really hard if want to go with something like that. Honestly, it is a band, your music love can change. And I am saying that event though my second tattoo is a lyric of papa roach. I will never tell someone which it is, because there are so many people who got lyrics from them, but i want mine to be special. The decision of it was not very hard - because it is something which really fits to me and my life.

    I will tell you my ideas for my next tattoo. I wanted to have a flying dragon silhouette. But in the last months my idea changed and I want something personal. Really personal. I think I will go with symbols of my family - an anchor for the coast i was born, a flower for my mum, a hammer for my dad... or i will use some old birthday cards and let me tattoo the phrases of "i love you" in the handwritten of my parents. And why? Because everyhing in life will change. But your family will be there.

    And yes, choose the studio where you will be tattooing very carefully.

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