Feb 10

do you make sport in you free time??????

Well i love sport!!!!! Im training a lot at home and out!!!!!

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  1. Re:

    Feb 18

    i want to looks pretty good so im training!!!!
    well and im will be fit!!!!!!!!!

  2. Re:

    Feb 20

    Sport? What's that?
    Never heard of it... ;)

  3. Love Sports

    Feb 23

    I like playing tennis, soccer and go swimming!

  4. ...

    Feb 23

    i hate sports so much....

  5. RE: SPORT??

    Mar 27

    I ski/snowboard, kayak, mountain bike, and does yoga count???

  6. RE: SPORT??

    Mar 27

    I have little to no interest in sport. =P

  7. RE: SPORT??

    Mar 27

    i play volleyball and softball....but girls sports in general annoy me. wayyy to much damn drama.

  8. RE: SPORT??

    Mar 27

    i used to love sports when i was younger, i was a big basketball player, i skateboarded, played softball and football...but as i got older i just lost interest in sports and dont play anything now except just toss around a football with a friend or something...i just love watching sports now, only UFC, freestyle motocross, bmx, drag racing, and nascar..i like fast cars X]

  9. RE: SPORT??

    Mar 27

    Yeah, I love sports. I'm training real hard and I've got a six-pack coming in!

  10. TIA avatar TIA

    RE: SPORT??

    Mar 28

    If you count horseback riding as a sport.

  11. RE: SPORT??

    Mar 28

    well sometimes i run around in circles like some retarded kid xD
    does that count i am running you know :p

  12. RE: SPORT??

    Mar 28

    Well I loooooooooooooove wrestling, but I don't do it. Once I did have a wrestling match with a girl at school though ahahah. I like playing football(soccer) and netball also.

  13. RE: SPORT??

    Mar 28

    I play a lot of football (English), american football should be called American rugby if you ask me lol. And I also play a bit of badminton, well loads of it.

  14. RE: SPORT??

    Mar 28

    I do go karting at ppik where I used to work. not been in a while though cos we're a man down (broken wrist...) x

  15. RE: SPORT??

    Mar 28

    I don't do any sports...mainly because I suck at them :)

  16. RE: SPORT??

    Mar 30

    i dont play any sports but i love sports. especially football and baseball and also love watching wwe. i also like to watch soccer if i remember that its on.

  17. RE: SPORT??

    Mar 30

    i love sports....i love watching is my favorite sport. In high school i played basketball, volleyball and softball. Now i'm a lazy fucker and don't do anything lol......well i play softball in summer leagues.

  18. RE: SPORT??

    Apr 04

    what's not to like about is rules.... nascar is fun for the rednecks....see sports are good!!!

  19. RE: SPORT??

    Apr 04

    I would study sports journalism!

    before used to play in a women's club soccer

  20. RE: SPORT??

    Apr 17

    I used to be a competition-swimmer for 7 years, been a competition-horse-rider for 3 years and played football for 2 years.

    Now I am doing swimming on a free-time-base again, play a little football and soon will start capoeira

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