Apr 12

so who's heard the new Mastodon record?
i think it's amazing

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  1. RE: Mastodon

    Apr 12

    ive been wanting to get it since it came out!! ive been nowhere near town for well over a month so yeah i do not have it yet!...ive only heard a few songs and they all kick ass so i imagine how awesome the rest of the album is...i was planning on seeing them in a couple weeks until i found out that the show is only for pple 18+ sooo that sucked ive been wanting to see them for years now and now imma have to wait a little longer for them to come around again...
    hopefully i get the album soon tho its driving me crazy that i dont have it yet...
    that and the new Lamb of God album i really want i heard about 5 songs off that one and they rocked

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