most prized item.....

Feb 08

was wondering what is the most prized item you own?? something that you would never get rid off?? from music related to anything really.....

I have a a few I can think off... like

Me and Jeremy Bulloch signed photo,
In This Moment drumstick + setlist....

Just wondein what other people have?????

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  1. RE: most prized item.....

    Feb 08

    I own a few things I'd never get rid of in terms of valuables, but to me it's the sentimental items that matter, like the gorilla toy my granddad got me before he died when I was little that I still have 15 years later in my bedroom to remind me of him x
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  2. RE: most prized item.....

    Feb 08

    my willy, alltho i would give it jade.


  3. RE: most prized item.....

    Feb 08

    I have this silver ring, I've been wearing for seven years now. And whenever I think I've lost it - you can't speak to me anymore...
    it's not like it means the world to me, but... I don't know it has this special value to me (it belonged to my grandmother) and is unusual because it is real simple (I've never seen anyone wear a ring like that) ... so yeah. I'd never ever get rid off it

    But I'll be getting trouble when I get married, because my wedding ring will be gold and I hate mixing gold&silver jewellery =P maybe I should get myself a white-gold wedding ring


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  4. RE: most prized item.....

    Feb 08

    i have a few concert souvenirs that i would neverrrr get rid thing in particular is my Rev drumstick...i will keep it foREVer =]


  5. RE: most prized item.....

    Feb 08

    I kind of like my sight.


  6. RE: most prized item.....

    Feb 08

    Well, I can't live without my ipod and I've had it for like 5 years so that counts I think ;) And also I have an old sort of stuffed doll/animal (umm I have no idea if that's the correct word but whatever xD ) I've had it for a very long time and's just special ;)
    Unfortunately I haven't been to many concerts so I don't have any photos or stuff :(

  7. RE: most prized item.....

    Feb 08

    my guitar it's like my child or something XD

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  8. RE: most prized item.....

    Feb 08

    Clothes that i wear and shoes.

  9. RE: most prized item.....

    Feb 08

    A half whittled bunny that my great grandma made.
    She never got to finish it, though.

  10. RE: most prized item.....

    Feb 08

    The skull necklace John gave me when we first met it NEVER leaves my neck and this old pull over I've had for years I have soooo many memories behind it.
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  11. RE: most prized item.....

    Feb 08

    I would have to say my ipod & cell phone.
    they are my life :)

  12. RE: most prized item.....

    Feb 09

    mine would have to be my papa roach autographed metamorphosis poster. i got it when i ordered the cd. that is my most prized possession. i would NEVER get rid of it.
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  13. RE: most prized item.....

    Feb 13

    my engagement ring as its from the best person in my life. My Caliban setlist and my little stuffed dog Honey. I've had her since I was born.

  14. RE: most prized item.....

    Feb 13

    I would give upp anything,as longg as I have my memories. /:
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