dumb feks

Mar 01

is there anybody on here who buys pr cds more than once? i don't mean for extra songs etc, i just mean because you like them and want to support them, by buying the same album multiple times....
i read alot and have seen people say they have bought other artist cds, like 4-5 times, just walk upto them and give them your wallet, whats the logic behind it.


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  1. RE: dumb feks

    Mar 01

    I wouldn't unless I lost the cd... but then again, I'd probably itunes it x
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  2. RE: dumb feks

    Mar 01

    I downloaded Metamorphosis on Itunean bought it on CD.
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  3. RE: dumb feks

    Mar 01

    I have two copies of Metamorphosis... I ordered it online on this site for it to arrive the day it came out, March 24th. Didn't end up coming til like April 30th or something. So I bought another copy in the mean time. :)

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  4. RE: dumb feks

    Mar 01

    i buy them as spares i have 3 copies of each album because i have young cousins and they're spazzes and the fuck everything in my room up.
    well at least one of my cousins bit my TPS album i half.
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  5. RE: dumb feks

    Mar 01

    I snapped GAWM in half once so I bought a replacement. With my Mum's money from Amazon as she had to get it order over £15.


  6. RE: dumb feks

    Mar 01

    My sister stole my CD player one day and smashed the crap out of it... so all I use now is mp3s... and there's no need to buy several of those.

  7. RE: dumb feks

    Mar 02

    Yeah I would ONLY if it got lost or broken.. and it was one of my fav cd's

  8. RE: dumb feks

    Mar 02

    when I buy a cd it has to be a very special cd or even one of my favourite bands...most the time I use mp3 or play it on my own xD ;)

    rock on motherfuckers \m/

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  9. RE: dumb feks

    Mar 03

    Hell no.
    I think the last CD I bought was Linkin Parks last CD, Minutes to Midnight(such a dissapointment).
    But I do plan on getting some more CD's. I don't like buying music through itunes. I manage to get it some how for free..hahaha...but I would like to buy CD's of bands where I like more then one song, I'm not going to get a song for 1$ on itunes either, stupid.

    Though I wouldn't buy a CD I have, unless it is skipping and it was one of my favourite bands. Also those people don't realize that if they went and bought shirts and merch rather then CDs, it'd be giving the band more money.


  10. RE: dumb feks

    Mar 03

    I have never bought the same CD twice unless I lost it or want to give it to somebody.
    I think it`s better to go to gigs more than once. I guess nobody gonna argue on this one.

  11. RE: dumb feks

    Mar 05

    Hybrid911 wrote:
    I wouldn't unless I lost the cd... but then again, I'd probably itunes it x
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    cds are generally a little cheaper on iTunes. it's also more eco-friendly.

  12. RE: dumb feks

    Mar 12

    Iv'e done it with Eighteen Visions' last 2 albums I treated them like Holy Artifacts. I wanted one to use and another copy to stay sealed and in perfect condition. I would only listen to them on rare special occasions and where nothing could possibly interrupt the song. I even made the 18th of every month a personal special holiday for me. It goes on and on. I made them a lifestyle that I still kinda live by too.
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  13. RE: dumb feks

    Mar 12

    Nope, i've got one each, that's enough....i take good care of my stuff.

    But 'wasted years' is right, just walk up to them and give 'em your money........xD
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  14. RE: dumb feks

    Mar 14

    i never buy cds.... i always download the songs...

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