Brazilian Fan

May 27

Hey guys what's up
I'm Felipe a brazilian fan of P.Roach

I need to ask you guys...have any chance of becoming to Brazil on the tour this year?
U have a great legion of fans here, we all want a concert of the metamorphosis tour o/
we would be grateful if happen...

U Rock Guys

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  1. RE: Brazilian Fan

    Jun 02

    Felipe, eles ja falaram que tem uma chance sim! Entra na comu do orkut.

  2. RE: Brazilian Fan

    Jun 12


  3. RE: Brazilian Fan

    Jun 12

    haha when i read in portuguese i read slow. im not brazilian but am 100% portuguese.

  4. RE: Brazilian Fan

    Oct 08

    It seems that "chance" to come to Brazil went down the hole ://
    That su**s cuz they have a lot of fãs here dieing to see them live.

  5. Fee avatar Fee

    RE: Brazilian Fan

    Oct 10

    Come To Brazil, yeah

    Tomara q eles venham logo

  6. RE: Brazilian Fan

    Oct 12

    Im a brazilian fan too!!!
    come to rio de janeiro!!! i really wanna see you guys playing live!!

  7. Fee avatar Fee

    RE: Brazilian Fan

    Oct 18

    Come To Brazil, please!

    Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Curitiba, :)

  8. RE: Brazilian Fan

    Oct 18

    brazilian fan here *-------*
    come to rio please! sz

  9. RE: Brazilian Fan

    Oct 18

    yay =]
    i'm a brazilian fan too

    they should tottaly come over here

  10. RE: Brazilian Fan

    Jan 18

    i'm another Brazilian fan...
    Andd.... all i have to ASK ISS !!!

    just kidding ... guys Rock In Rio wasss the biggest show of Papa Roach History, why don't you guys come back now ?
    i think 9 years is too mutch time ...
    always in our hearts since INFEST ...Rock in Rio III...
    Anyway ... thanks for the attention ^^..
    we love you.. keep rocking. !!

  11. RE: Brazilian Fan

    Mar 02

    YEAH come to Brazil!!! This yeat pelase! ;;

    Vai ser ótimo se realmente ocorrer!

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