Jun 22

I dont dream that u will come to latvia allthou we allready had metalica, avrill lavigne and all other rockstars for me u are the best! there is nothing to add and tothing to remove from ur songs!!! they are perfect!!!
They have changed my life!! I love u guys and continue making world perfect!!!
BUT if u will come, I will pay all the money I hawe and dont have to see u live!!

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  1. RE: Latvia

    Jul 28

    Hey guys please come to Latvia!
    Your music is awesome, I love it!
    I very want to see you live, because all of your concerts rock!!
    Hope you will read this post.

    Please come to LATVIA!! You are the world's best band!!

  2. Re: Latvia

    Sep 17

    Hackio is true come to LATVIA PAPA ROACH I am from Latvia too and i want to hear you here.And like HAckio told "Please come to LATVIA!! You are the world's best band!!"

  3. Re: Latvia

    Sep 22

    Yeah, I want Papa Roach in Latvia too.
    Fuck a hero, be yourself

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