Oct 10

hey everyone. papa roach is my very favorite band in the world (and i like tons of them) and really upsets me that you guys have no plans going down to brasil.

i can asure you have a big fan club in here and lots of people like you guys... good shows would be set in sao paulo, rio de janeiro and belo horizonte.

im looking forward in seeing you guys down here, PLEASEEE

thx alot,


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  1. Re: brasil

    Nov 03

    Brazil ,now!!
    Papa roach come to São Paulo ,Rio ,Curitiba and BH.

  2. Re: brasil

    Dec 09

    I agree, papa roach should come to Brazil, we've been waiting for you guys for a very long time.

  3. Re: brasil

    Dec 14

    Guys I just heard that Papa Roach are coming to South America next year with Motley Crue:D

    "Jump and touch the sky."


  4. Re: brasil

    Jan 06

    It would be cool!!! Maybe in Rock In Rio!!! Buth it would be better (4 me) to Belo Horizonte!!! (Come to my city is ask a lot xD)

  5. Re: brasil

    Jan 06

    Oh Yeah!
    2011 our dreams come true.

  6. Re: brasil

    Feb 09

    So, please come :(

  7. Re: brasil

    Feb 09

    Please will you guys go to brazil

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