Mar 31

Hi guys, please come to Brazil, I'm waiting a long time. is a big fan club here . I hope to see them this year!
kauany Gioia

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    Apr 01

    I hope that they come to Germany this or next year...!!!
    I'm the king of nothing with a broken crown ^_^

  2. Re: BRAZIL

    Jun 15

    yeah! please, I'm waiting!

  3. Re: BRAZIL

    Aug 01

    Where are you PAPA? COME TO BRAZIL NOW!!!!!! Why only Europe and US? Sao Paulo in Brazil is the sixth biggest and richest city in the world!!!

  4. Re: BRAZIL

    Aug 24

    Rio wants you back!

  5. Re: BRAZIL

    Aug 27

    COME TO BRAZIL, PLEASE, I would travel to any part of brazil to see u guys :D

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