Orlando, FL; May 1, 2010

Apr 30

Those of you going to the Orlando show tonight, head on back here after the show and post up your review of the show!

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  1. RE: Orlando, FL; May 1, 2010

    May 07

    i know im like a week late lol but the show was amazing! it was my 6th time seeing the guys and i loved the new song kick in the teeth! wish they could have played longer : p but i was right on the barricade waited there all day since 11 am when the gates opened and held my spot : ) had to see my guys up close lol it was sooo hot but worth it. hopefuly there will be some FL dates on the summer tour.

    but each time is just better and better and i loved jerrys new guitar! plus i was really happy they played born with nothing die with everything. hadnt heard that one live in awhile.

    well i already wrote a crap load about the show in my blog lol so ill just stop rambling now XD

  2. RE: Orlando, FL; May 1, 2010

    May 07

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