San Angelo, TX; May 10, 2010

May 09

Those of you going to the San Angelo show tonight, head on back here after the show and post up your review of the show!

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    May 11

    Went to the show last night. The show was bad ass. I love Papa Roach and everyshow is awesome. -The venue really sucked. Jacoby gave me a water bottle as I was walking out they told me to throw the bottle away I walked out with it and got 3 cops called on me. I think the place sucked. The guy said it was a TABC law but it was an empty water bottle. Not Alcohol. After arguing with the cops the main cop said "well Ok, its up to this guy if you can take the bottle" the guy still said to trash it he was an As@H*le

  2. RE: San Angelo, TX; May 10, 2010

    May 11

    All the drama over a water bottle! Thats just stupid. Sounds like they were just trying to be douche bags!

  3. RE: San Angelo, TX; May 10, 2010

    May 11

    Yeah, the whole venue sucked. Normally I take pics of the sign cause it has Papa Roach with a date they didnt even have any sign outside just one that said Midnight Rodeo. Only one lady that worked there was really nice.

  4. RE: San Angelo, TX; May 10, 2010

    May 11

    The venue sucked! The show was great.. but San Angelo just wasn't very organized. GREAT SHOW THOUGH.. but not going to anymore shows at that venue.

  5. San Angelo show

    May 12

    The San Angelo show was totally amazing!! met up with Diana and Donald, Rose, Kaylee and Nikki (incredible girls) and the guys from Rock 108 Abilene...during sound check the guys play several songs!! even dedicated one to Diana and Donald. Our meet and greet was spectacular!! They guys were so funny and so good looking!! After our meet and greet we were waiting outside and Jerry came out to visit with all of us!! and was pretty worried about Nikki and Rose
    ( both of them were really sunburned from the OK show) just shows how much Jerry and the rest of the guys care about their fans!!
    The venue was really small! but it didn't matter to Papa Roach, cause they freaking rocked that place!! i think that half of the people that showed up were from Abilene.....because Frank the Painman for Rock 108 promoted this show like a crazy man!! ...Frank said " it wouldn't matter if there were less then 100 people in the crowd...Papa Roach is going to put on a totally awesome show! and give it their all every time" and i totally agree!! and this is what makes them the best band ever!!
    after the show the guys came out and took pictures with us!! it's amazing to me how down to earth these guys are!! Freddie and Justin were remarkable!! had a great time talking to both of them!! the venue sucked but had a blast!! TOTALLY AWESOME SHOW!!

    can't wait to see you guys again!!!

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