Duluth, MN; June 17, 2010

Jun 16

Those of you going to the Duluth show tonight, head on back here after the show and post up your review of the show!

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  1. RE: Duluth, MN; June 17, 2010

    Jun 17

    For those of you that are going, have a WONDERFUL time for me cause today is my birthday and I cant make it cause I live in Florida!

  2. RE: Duluth, MN; June 17, 2010

    Jun 18

    It was really SWEET last night!! Papa Roach has always been Amazing and Energized, but they stepped it up even more! Their 2010 tour is even better than before, I don't know how it is possible...maybe playing at such a small, intimate venue helped...They seriously kicked ass, and they still had time to have fun and be silly (at one point Jacoby was wearing a bra that was thrown on stage around his neck)! These guys always give their best and always show how grateful they are. This was my 7th time seeing Papa Roach, so I always expect them to be great and the show to be awesome, but this time they were definitely way better than any of my expectations, they really amplified their energy and performance!!! : P

  3. RE: Duluth, MN; June 17, 2010

    Jun 19

    It was an AWESOME show!! This was my second time seeing them live. And I definitely agree that they always bring the energy, but this show was unbelievable! Having it in a smaller more intimate place I think probably made it even more insane! We were right in front row in front of Jerry, it was AWESOME!! I can't wait til they come back to MN so I can see them again!! They put on an insane show that cannot be compared to any other bands that I have seen live! By far THE BEST live show I have EVER seen!! THank you SO much for ROCKING MN!! :)

  4. RE: Duluth, MN; June 17, 2010

    Jun 19

    This was my first time seeing Papa Roach live, and I will definitely go to another one of their concerts the next time they are in Minnesota. They put on a great live show--one of the best that I have ever seen. When they were performing, they were full of energy and sounded great. I loved that the concert was at a smaller venue--they had a lot of crowd interaction and I could tell that they really enjoy what they do. It was a lot of fun to see them perform, and I will definitely see them again!!!

  5. RE: Duluth, MN; June 17, 2010

    Jun 22

    I wanna shout out a thank you to Jacoby for letting my daughter and her friend invade his time with his son, Jagger. Thanks for taking pictures with them and giving them your autograph. It meant the world to them and was worth more than words can say. You are awesome. We look forward to more concerts.


    Love Shell

    P.S. If you guys ever wanna hang out and jam in an old barn, look us up:)

  6. RE: Duluth, MN; June 17, 2010

    Jun 24

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  7. Re: Duluth, MN; June 17, 2010

    Oct 30

    Papa Roach-
    Thanks for making my first concert awesome!
    I am the friend of Micheles daughter(above),i had an awesome time.
    I am glad i met Jacoby and Jagger(:
    P.S. Come Back To MN!

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