Lynchburg, VA; Sep 14, 2010

Sep 13

Those of you going to the Lynchburg show tonight, head on back here after the show and post up your review of the show!

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  1. Lynchburg, VA 9/14/10

    Sep 15

    god i hope they NEVER play there again...the show of course was AMAZING as was after that sucked with the security..i went back to the buses with 3 other people talked to jacoby for bout 5 mins then he asked if we would wait 10 mins so he could change then he would take some pics..meanwhile a security is standing right beside him while he says this..right when jacoby gets on the bus we get told we have to leave or we would get aressted for trespassing ...major buzzkill of my night...but i had a good time anyway!!

  2. Re: Lynchburg, VA 9/14/10

    Sep 15

    Oh, I agree, the concert was awesome! 2 things that really pissed me off was...1) the said we had to buy VIP passes, hell they didn't even sell VIP passes for this show and 2) they said PAPA's manager said we had to go which was bullshit and I told security that. Basically the venue security didn't want to stay, don't lie to fans. Yea we almost got arrested.

  3. Re: Lynchburg, VA 9/14/10

    Sep 15

    yea dude said if we didnt have a pass we couldnt be by the bus..i have been to about 20 papa roach concerts and i have never once EVER heard that.he said the owner of the place said that..didnt say anythign about their manager...that just pissed me off ecspecially since both the guys standing there heard jacoby tell me to wait right there..i emailed jerry about it and told him what happened and he said he was sorry to hear that happened like that and how we were treated that way but hes just getting over having bronchitis so he wasnt feeling good anyway.

  4. Re: Lynchburg, VA; Sep 14, 2010

    Sep 15

    I agree!! That was so stupid, then they came up to our cars and said they were going to charge us if we didn't leave THEIR parking lot and if we didn't believe him just try him WTF!!! That old ass cop heard Jacoby say he would be back in 10min beacuse he said it was ok for us to stand there and wait but when that was brought up to him he was like who is that!! I hope they never play there again either or anybody else for that matter!! They said the owner of the venue wanted us to leave and there wasn't anything they could do about it! I don't understand how out of all the people that were there only 1 person had a pass!! The show was amazing as usual though I still can't hear that well today

  5. Re: Lynchburg, VA; Sep 14, 2010

    Sep 15

    all i know is that i wont go to another show there!.so i hope they dont play there they played in that one horse town is beyond me..but im glad they at least had a show in VA! so i can only complain but so much!

  6. Re: Lynchburg, VA; Sep 14, 2010

    Sep 16

    Were there any P Roach items under $20 there?

  7. Re: Lynchburg, VA; Sep 14, 2010

    Sep 16

    I dont think so.the shirt i got was $30...then again..i dont remember the last time i bought any p roach item under $20 except for a cd.

  8. Re: Lynchburg, VA; Sep 14, 2010

    Sep 17

    I'm going to have to agree with everyone here about the after show situation. The owner and his wife were both asses! We drove 4 hours from SC to see this show, knowing I had to drive 4 hours back and would be lucky if I got 2 hrs sleep before I had to be at work at 7:20 am. I did it because I love Papa Roach shows and try to go to every one that is within 5-6 hrs driving time. We got there at 4:00 with plans to eat at the "club buffet" because their website said it was always open on show nights and those that ate at the buffet could stay in for the show and didn't need to wait in line. As my friend was looking for the entrance for the club, the owners wife drove by and told her we couldn't be there because they weren't open yet, that we needed to leave and go somewhere else and come back at 6:00 when doors open. There was no buffet. Hello, false advertising! I didn't drive 4 hours to end up at the back of the line with no hope of being near the stage! And then of course there was the disaster after the show. I didn't want to be arrested so I headed to my car. As I was putting the address in my GPS to leave ANOTHER cop knocked on my window and said if I didn't leave right then I was going to jail. I WAS TRYING TO LEAVE!!! The only thing that saved the night was the face melting Papa Roach performance! We did come back around 5:30 and managed to get on the barricade. The show was rocking as always. I was so glad they played One Track Mind :) Every time I start to get pissed about the owners I just try to think about the show, which was worth all the other hell we had to go through before and after. I'll be at the next show within driving distance, maybe I can get a pic then.

  9. Re: Lynchburg, VA; Sep 14, 2010

    Sep 18

    Papa Roach Killed this show but ... the opening bands weren't great. Who tha hell was that old ass band anyways ?? I didnt think papa roach was ever coming out. Then after the show we went back near the bus to get autographs and the cop told us we had to leave so i went and asked him why and he said thats what they were told to do he told me to go ask the cop at the back if they were doing autographs and the cop at the bus said maybe later i was like look dude i have to get home i have two kids to go home to. so he went and knocked on the bus door and the manager said they might sign some later. so then jacoby came off the bus and i screamed at him he said he would sign my shirt real quick he wanted to go lay on his hammock.
    I was glad i got him to sign my shirt. But i totally agree with everyone else papa roach rocked but the venue sucked !!!

  10. Re: Lynchburg, VA; Sep 14, 2010

    Sep 18

    did the play one track mind?!?!?!?!

  11. Re: Lynchburg, VA; Sep 14, 2010

    Sep 18

    DavidTV wrote:
    did the play one track mind?!?!?!?!

    Yes they did and it rocked! It was already my favorite new song but after hearing it live I love it even more :)

  12. Re: Lynchburg, VA; Sep 14, 2010

    Sep 18

    Yeah it was great song. I thought the sound system at Cattle Annies wasnt the best it was hard to hear what some of the bands were saying in between songs and some of the words to the songs. With papa roach i understood all of the songs though because i know them by heart.

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