Camden, NJ; July 11, 2009

Jul 10 Closed

Those of you going to the Camden show tonight, head on back here after the show and post up your review of the show!

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  1. RE: Camden, NJ; July 11, 2009

    Jul 11

    The absolute best concert ever!!!!! you all kicked ass! i have no voice and my throat hurts like hell but it was sooo worth it and id do it allll again!!!!! i was pretty upset when it was over i wanted more!! i sooo woulda took all of you guys home with me!!!! you have to come back!!!!!!!!

  2. RE: Camden, NJ; July 11, 2009

    Jul 11

    Awesome show! My husband and I have seen you guys 3 times and you just get better and better! I was so excited you played Hollywood Whore, I was dancing and banging my head to all the music. You rock the whole time and put so much energy into your performance!! You've been better than the lead act everytime!!! I had a nice clear shot from the right side of the stage, but I wish I could catch you at a smaller venue! Can't wait to see you again!!

  3. RE: Camden, NJ; July 11, 2009

    Jul 11

    Just got home...I'm fuckin tired!
    But the show was so awesome!!!
    I had such a blast!

    I'll have to post my videos in the morning...well later in the morning...

  4. RE: Camden, NJ; July 11, 2009

    Jul 11

    It was the first time ive ever seen papa roach in person and jacoby made it really special because brings all hes got adn he just brings so much power into the crowd! i loved it sooo much. i sang to everysong and i got a good spot. i was in the lawn but i got the very front , i got the corner to the stairs. but anyway pthe concert rocked!

  5. RE: Camden, NJ; July 11, 2009

    Jul 11

    Awesome show, as usual...this is the 2nd time we've seen you guys and we were not disappointed! I'm glad you guys mixed the new stuff with the old stuff, but play more older stuff next time....please?????? Great show, we had a fucking awesome time, can't wait to see you guys again(hopefully soon)....and why the hell aren't you headlining, cause you should be!

  6. RE: Camden, NJ; July 11, 2009

    Jul 13

    What was the setlist?

  7. RE: Camden, NJ; July 11, 2009

    Jul 13

    Could someone tell me what times the different bands went on stage. I am seeing Papa Roach at Jones Beach on Wednesday and want to make sure I get inside on time. Thanks.

  8. RE: Camden, NJ; July 11, 2009

    Jul 13

    I saw Papa Roach for the first time Saturday night. They fucking kicked ass and let me tell ya...their performance alone was well worth the price of admission. Can't wait to see the band again...

    Rock On,


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