Rock Island, IL; June 30, 2012

Jun 29

Those of you going to the Rock Island show tonight, head on back here after the show and post up your review of the show!

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  1. Re: Rock Island, IL; June 30, 2012

    Jul 01

    So? How was the show last night??? I hope it was great. Still wishes I could have been there this weekend.

  2. Re: Rock Island, IL; June 30, 2012

    Jul 01

    Just a quick review of last night's show, along with the setlist. Papa Roach took the stage about 10:30 and played about 70 minutes. The energy of both the band and the crowd were pretty high, considering most of us had been outside in the 80 degree weather since about 6PM. The guys didn't do any new material, but the selection of their catalog stuff was very well received. The setlist for the show was as follows:

    1. Getting Away With Murder
      ...To Be Loved
      Between Angels And Insects
      Kick in the Teeth
      Time Is Running Out
      The Enemy
      One Track Mind
      Blood Brothers
      Hollywood Whore
      Dead Cell
      Last Resort

    The wrapped up the set with "Last Resort" and left the stage. The band didn't return for an encore, which disappointed some fans, but overall, most everyone went home happy.

  3. Re: Rock Island, IL; June 30, 2012

    Jul 07

    NWAnolimits, Awesome thanks for the post. Who opened up for papa, or how many openers were there?

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