Cadott, WI; July 21, 2012

Jul 20

Those of you going to the Cadott show tonight, head on back here after the show and post up your review of the show!

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  1. Re: Cadott, WI; July 21, 2012

    Jul 22

    I was at Rockfest and saw Papa Roach play. I thought they put on a great show. The sound was right on, they had great energy (even though it was outside and it was hot), and they looked like they loved being there and playing for us . I've seen my share of concerts and bands, and many of them are not really fan friendly. Papa Roach is! That was probably the best part of the show. Jacoby cruised through the crowd while singing, high fiving people and just basically connecting with the crowd. I loved it, and it separates Papa Roach from other musicians who act like they're too good for the fans. I realize there are plenty of fans who act like idiots and ruin it for the rest of us. I get it. But most of us are good people, and it's nice that a band like Papa Roach still makes an effort to connect with us.

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