Camden, NJ; May 22, 2011

May 21

Those of you going to the Camden show tonight, head on back here after the show and post up your review of the show!

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  1. Re: Camden, NJ; May 22, 2011

    May 23

    All I have to say is - as always - fucking amazing!!!!!! They rocked it as always. Totally worth the money, drive, and feeling like I got the shit beat out of me today!!!! Love them!!

  2. Re: Camden, NJ; May 22, 2011

    May 23

    The show was amazing as usual, and they were the best band in the line up. The boys were definitely giving it their all, very high energy. The setlist was great combination of old and new (although Time for Annihilation tracks are not so new anymore.) It was also great to see so many people I have met at the Papa Roach shows. Can't wait to see them again tomorrow in Clifton Park.

  3. Re: Camden, NJ; May 22, 2011

    May 23

    Papa Roach pretty much showed everyone up at this place!! The venue pissed me off terribly, but no one out beat them! The energy was amazing and nobody gets the crowd rallied up like Jacoby!

  4. Re: Camden, NJ; May 22, 2011

    May 24

    The guys did an AMAZING job... even all the way at the lawn i could feel their energy. Weather could have been nicer but overall it was a good concert. I am never buying tickets so far from the stage again, don't want to miss Jacoby crowd surfing :P

  5. Re: Camden, NJ; May 22, 2011

    Jun 03

    I have been posting over at for years now, but never bothered with this forum until now. It's good to see a quite a few fans from the Philly area on here. P-Roach def did steal the show at the MMRBQ and mant people I spoke with agreed that they should of closed the show. Maybe they will get a chance to headline next year.

  6. Re: Camden, NJ; May 22, 2011

    Jul 11

    it was amazing...they were by far the best band there...enough said

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