Corpus Christi, TX; September 11, 2009

Sep 11

Those of you going to the Corpus Christi show tonight, head on back here after the show and post up your review of the show!

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    Sep 12

    We came from New Jersey to see this show! After seeing P Roach 12 times on the Nickelback tour I was really looking forward to seeing the boys in action playing a longer set. Needless to say they more than delivered! The show was amazing and we got to meet them. Since I got no sleep and am now headed to the Houston show I promise a full review on both shows when I get back to Jersey......

  2. RE: Corpus Christi, TX; September 11, 2009

    Sep 12

    Hi Glad you got to travel for this show. I was really wanting to travel for both shows, but the timing just didn't work out for me with my classes. Have a fabulous trip and can't wait to read all about it.

  3. RE: Corpus Christi, TX; September 11, 2009

    Sep 12

    Concert was unfuckingbelievable. The best concert I have ever been too. Thanks for the great fucking night.

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    Sep 13

    i would have to agree with the above, this concert was simply amazing :):) out of the many times that i saw Papa Roach this year this was by far the best show. they played the best songs and the energy was off the chain!! i also got to meet a lot of awesome riot members (like IneedStarbucks :):) nice hangin with you girl) AND a bunch of us got to meet the guys before the show. it was rockin

    i have a way more detailed review and pics in my new blog :)

  5. RE: Corpus Christi, TX; September 11, 2009

    Sep 13

    The 5hr drive was sooo worth it.
    Ive seen these guys preform soo many times before and this was BY FAR the best show theyve done to date.
    Yoyo Suicide and I hadda blast meeting the guys and fellow rioters ;)
    Im so excited for the headlining tour.
    Trust Ill be at every show possible!!

  6. RE: Corpus Christi, TX; September 11, 2009

    Sep 14

    Ok guys the rest of my review......

    So after waiting on line for hours a guy from a Corpus Christi radio station hooked a few of us up and got us in to meet the guys (and HInder band members.) It was crazy!!! Jacoby, Jerry, Tobin and Tony were so nice and recognized us from the other shows we went to. Jerry even said "how was your flight?"

    Then it was time for the show. As I indicated previously, they rocked! Best show ever - I loved Change or Die. The crowd was nuts, we basically had to hang on the rail figuring out how to survive!!! Alot of people had to be pulled out of the front for various reasons. Some asshole actually had her young kid in the thick of it. This poor kid was getting crushed and was hysterical crying. I totally understand wanting to go to the show and not being able to find a babysitter, but then stand in the fucking back or something!!! My 10 year old is begging me to come to a show, but there is no way I would even bring her!

    From what I recall the setlist was as follows (not in this order):

    Change or Die
    Broken Home
    Getting Away with Murder
    Angels and Insects
    Had Enough (A favorite of mine as well)
    Hollywood Whore
    Wanna Be Loved
    Last Resort

    I was hoping to hear more from Paramour, but since Hinder was on the bill there probably wasn't enough time.

    After the show we hung out with YoYo and NerdieNeedles - love them!

    The next day we flew to Houston to see the last show on the Nickelback tour....I will continue this on that thread!!!!

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