Wolverhampton, UK; October 6, 2009

Oct 05

Those of you going to the Wolverhampton show tonight, head on back here after the show and post up your review of the show!

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  1. RE: Wolverhampton, UK; October 6, 2009

    Oct 07

    Last nights show FUCKIN ROCKED!!!!! The civic was packed and the crowd was wild!!

    Awesome meet and greet session in the afternoon - the band are so funny and friendly to meet - can't wait to see the pics up on here!


  2. RE: Wolverhampton, UK; October 6, 2009

    Oct 07

    It was such an amzing show. Second time seeing them this year.... even better this time round.

  3. RE: Wolverhampton, UK; October 6, 2009

    Oct 08

    The show was EPIC!!
    It was amazing!!
    I saw them in April when they came over at the O2 academy in birmingham! they get better and better!

    Meet and Greet was fantastic!
    Im so glad i got the opportunity to go meet them, theyre so friendly and down to earth!!!


  4. RE: Wolverhampton, UK; October 6, 2009

    Oct 09

    Absolutely fantastic show. I cannot believe that after 10 years of Papa Roach being my favourite band i actually got to meet them, to shake hands with them and to hug Jacoby! So, so surreal.

    Heavens Basement we're suprisingly good. I should learn to stop pre-judging bands i have never heard of. Madina Lake have never been my cup of tea but they sounded good and put on an entertaining show. Roach we're bloody stunning though!
    I don't suffer from insanity....i enjoy every minute of it!

  5. RE: Wolverhampton, UK; October 6, 2009

    Oct 09

    an amazing show
    my second this year (o2 academy b'ham, april first)
    the support was surprisingly good, it's got me listening to madina lake now
    papa roach were spectacular, i loved the songs this time, more songs from metamorphosis (days of war/change or die, hollywood whore, i almost told you..., lifeline, had enough, into the light, live this down, state of emergency (i think i got em all)) and the adapted version of harder than a coffin nail took me by surprise
    the place rely came alive, cant wait 2 go again next time they're local!

  6. RE: Wolverhampton, UK; October 6, 2009

    Oct 09

    Hrad er than a coffin nail was really good. It's on the P.R DVD. Fantastic show. Can't wait for next years tour!

  7. RE: Wolverhampton, UK; October 6, 2009

    Oct 11

    Ive seen the guys about 6 times or so now, just get better and better each time, I had a VIP for this show, that made it extra cool. the guys were really cool when I met them, watching the soundcheck was just awesome. great setlist too, got absolutely soaked on the way back but it was all worth it.
    I just hope they do more VIPs in the uk in the future.

    here is a couple of pictures I got From The Gig :)



  8. RE: Wolverhampton, UK; October 6, 2009

    Oct 15

    amazing and so powerfull show ;] cant wait 2 see those guys again!!!!!!! got question ! what happend with VIP pics form that night?!

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