Tokyo, JAP; October 18, 2009

Oct 17

Those of you going to the Tokyo show tonight, head on back here after the show and post up your review of the show!


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  1. RE: Tokyo, JAP; October 18, 2009

    Oct 19

    I went to papa roach's show in Tokyo.
    They played for about 50min at festival called LOUDPARK'09.
    That was really cool and great!!

    The first song was "DAYS OF WAR", and continued to "CHANGE OR DIE".
    I don't remember the order exactly, but they played "To Be Loved","Getting away with murder","Hollywood whore","Lifeline","I almost told you that I loved you","Scars","Between Angels and Insects","Into the light".
    And the last song was "Last resort"

    Jacoby jumped off the stage and sang beside the fans a few times.
    They took "Papa Roach"call after the show.

    Before the show,there was meet and greet too. I could see them close and had CD signed.
    They were so kind and nice!!
    Camera wasn't allowed. So I didn't take any pics there.Camera usually isn't allowed at any shows in Japan.
    So I would like to go to US for papa roach's show. It must be fun !!

    And I want to listen to other songs.
    50min is too short for them. Jacoby said they come back to japan soon. I really want it come true.

    Lastly I am sorry for my bad English.

  2. RE: Tokyo, JAP; October 18, 2009

    Oct 19

    That sounded ace! Yeah, i agree that 50 minutes is too short for Papa Roach, but i think them playing for 1.45mins is still short haha

    Glad you had a good time!

    I think your English is a lot better than most peoples' English in Britain so you don't need to worry about that :)

  3. RE: Tokyo, JAP; October 18, 2009

    Oct 19

    your english is great, sounds alot like the set from the european gigs.

  4. RE: Tokyo, JAP; October 18, 2009

    Oct 19

    ur english fine :) lol better then mine ^_^ sound like a cool time wish i was able 2 go c them in japan ^_^

  5. RE: Tokyo, JAP; October 18, 2009

    Oct 20

    Gah, I've always wanted to go to Japan but, too scared of flying...and your english is perfect XD i could easily tell what you were typing!
    This time i won't be so blind to your lies....

  6. RE: Tokyo, JAP; October 18, 2009

    Oct 21

    Thank you ,everyone!
    Thank you for your kind words :)

    I couldn't go to show at OSAKA.
    I hope anyone post here what was it like.

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