Uncasville, CT; March 16, 2009

Mar 15

Those of you going to the Uncasville show tonight, head on back here after the show and post up your review of the show!

[then we can keep it all in one thread instead of having them scattered all over]

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  1. Uncasville show

    Mar 16

    Just got home from the show and it was amazing!!! After watching PR's show, Buckcherry sucked!!! PR should be headlining. Can't wait to see them again in July!

  2. buckcherry sucked

    Mar 16

    yeah, that was my impression the very first time I say Papa Roach live and it was mainly Buckcherry I went to go see on the Bad Boys of Rock tour!!! I fell in love with Papa THAT night!!!!

  3. Mohegan Sun

    Mar 17

    Just wanted to let you know that you guys were the best of the evening. I loved how you connected with the audience and drew us all in. Coming back???? I'll be there!!!
    Rev Theory was were AWESOME and what the hell happened to Buckcherry????? (very disappointing). So once again, THANKS for saving the show!! :)

  4. Yeah

    Mar 17

    How the hell were Papa not headlining that show. They were BY FAR the best.

  5. Kinda agree

    Mar 17

    i saw them in Essex VT with buckcherry and hinder and it seemed like hinders mics were too low or something couldnt hear shit then last night at Mohegan the first song for Cherry sounded like the same thing but it got better after that. No Doubt PR was better alst night though. Love them both and REV THEORY rocked as well. i was really happy all way round.

  6. Re:

    Mar 17

    PR was great i had not the best of seats(against the wall in section 22) but he brought the show to us by running up the aisles and going through the crowds..Mohegan sun makes me mad seems like every time i try to get tickets there the pit/ floor tickets r all gone from the startt...i tried to buy the second tickets went on sale and the best available was section 17 s o i kept trying hopeing it was a mistake even called ticketmaster and ended up with section 22...anyone else notice this? i don't think i have this problem anywhere else

  7. Moderator


    Mar 18

    They hold the best tickets for high rollers....

  8. Re:

    Mar 20

    i wish i couldve gone. i wish i couldve gone to the one in worcester on march 12. it was my birthday that day and no one wanted to go with me.

  9. Re:

    Mar 21

    Loved the show!!! Seeing PR from the front row was AWESOME!!!!
    Also loved that the rest of the audience got to see you up close when
    you went into the arena. Soooo Coool!!!

  10. Awesome!

    Mar 21

    I went to this show to see Buckcherry. I liked Papa Roach before this show and wanted to see them but I have to say that they blew Buckcherry out of the water. They should have headlined this show. They had the crowd going crazy and they sounded awesome! Plus I have some pictures of Jacoby singing with his arm around me. Incredible! the pic I got of him coming down the isle is clearer but I didn't really expect it so it was awesome. They put on a great show and I will definitlely catch them the next time they come around! If you were there you know what I'm talking about!

  11. Re:

    Mar 21

    ah.. i just cant wait for papa roach to healine. they are always the best show, they deserve it.

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