Chattanooga, TN; March 24, 2009

Mar 23

Those of you going to the Chattanooga show tonight, head on back here after the show and post up your review of the show!

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  1. Chatt show

    Mar 23

    Of course it's going to be an amazing show! It always is. :) I'm stoked.

  2. Re:

    Mar 24

    The show was awesome. I won a meet and greet with them and they are so nice and down to earth. I got an autographed pic and some pictures with the guys. When they came out the crowd went crazy. After a few songs Jacoby got off stage and got in the crowd. When he got back on stage he wanted everybody to come down front because it was reserved seats. They started a pit and I was right in the front of it. He really got the crowd going. They are the best band to see live. The only reason I went to the concert was to see them and they were amazing.

  3. Fed avatar Fed


    Mar 24

    Yes, they are:)

  4. Moderator


    Mar 24

    wow sounds awesome! you should post up your pix! :)

  5. Amazing!!!

    Mar 25

    Papa Roach kicked major ass last night in Chattown! This was the second concert of theirs that I have been too and it was so kick ass! I was so happy that Jacoby invited the crowd to come down to the front. It was an incredible night!

  6. RE: Chattanooga, TN; March 24, 2009

    Mar 26

    awsome show...kick ass performance......still can't talk from screaming so dam much..........that is what fucking rock n roll is all about...........

  7. RE: Chattanooga, TN; March 24, 2009

    Mar 27

    I have the few pics that I was able to snap on my camera posted on my myspace. I don't know how to post them here for sure but oh well. The show was awesome. Thank god for Jacoby inviting everyone down to the stage because sitting in your assigned seats are supposed to be a schools job not a rock concert. They did an amazing job as usual and then they did something even better for me. I'm very thankful the allowed my hubby, best friend, and myself down to hang with them for a few after the show. My hubby is home on R&R from Iraq so it meant alot that he got to meet them. The guys are awesome people to talk to and they gave us beer to celebrate my birthday too. :) Thank so much and I will be attending tons of concerts in the future. :)

    All my love

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