Houston, TX; Nov 17, 2009

Nov 16

Those of you going to the Houston show tonight, head on back here after the show and post up your review of the show!


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  1. RE: Houston, TX; Nov 17, 2009

    Nov 18

    8 hours since the show ended and nobody posted a review!!!!!

  2. RE: Houston, TX; Nov 17, 2009

    Nov 18

    I think it is because most of us are trying to recuperate. Haha. I mean I woke up this morning to a charlie horse, a scratchy throat and bruises! One on my hand from grabbing the barricade (I hope), haha. It was an awesome show, The Hunger rocked as always. I love seeing them at Scout Bar! A great opening band no doubt! After midnight Project was ok. I hope they figure out a better way to attempt that whole getting the crowd on the ground and jumping in unison. Then of course the guys came out and it was nothing short of ACE!!! I was on my usual Jerry's side-against the barricade. The crowd was crazy! And it was awesome being next to a guy that rocked out full force and sang every song like me! Usually I always end up with people that just stand there and don't know the lyrics. And it was so hot, Jacoby at one point just twisted his shirt and sweat poured out from it. haha. It was funny cause I waved my hand in my face like a fan, and Jerry mouthed "You're hot? I'm hot!". And he kept throwing picks! I told him after the show I appreciated the pick but a water would have been nice. We both laughed. I think all of Houston left everything at the show last night. It was awesome to see all the posts on Twitter from the guys this morning. We looked good! I can't wait for them to come back. That was wayyy beyond fun.

  3. RE: Houston, TX; Nov 17, 2009

    Nov 18

    DUDE!!! EFFIN AMAZING SHOW!!! Recooperate? I have been going through all my pics and videos i took last night just trying to relive those hours!! lol...BEYOND THE MOST AMAZING PAPA ROACH CONCERT I HAVE EVER BEEN TO!! Probably just cause it was in a smaller venue. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! I HATE BEING NEXT TO THOSE PEOPLE THAT DON'T KNOW THE LYRICS AND THINK THEY'RE TOO GOOD TO GET HYPE! Ugghh...I need to find yalls asses next time at the concert! lol...I was on the railing by the bar, however, I wanted to frickin jump off and just rush the dam stage cause I was so hype, lol. Papa Roach gives sooo much dam energy everytime, it frickin AMAZES me!

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    Nov 18

    The show was so incredible! If your first concert was a Papa Roach concert, you would be disappointed by the concerts from other bands you attend. Papa Roach is incredibly pumped every time I see them. They get the crowd involved right from the start and never stop interacting with them. They make the music seem effortless. The small venue is where they belong. I have seen them at Buzzfest on the main stage and believe me it was great but to see them up close with the crowd there FOR Papa Roach was amazing. I was surprised that the beers were only 4 bucks also! LOL! I was right by the stairs by the bar with a great view of the bad and the crowd. It was awesome to see the crowd so pumped and into it!

  5. RE: Houston, TX; Nov 17, 2009

    Nov 19

    Haha. I agree, it is nice that they hit up Buzzfest when they can. Buuuutttt....I have to admit, I would take the other night over seeing them in the LAWN any day. The music is too damn good to be so spread out from other concert goers. The energy just doesn't flow well being so far away from the stage. The next time they come they should hit up Verizon! That would be beyond awesome!

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