WTF GUYS??!?!?!?!

Jul 25

P Roach is doing shows with Godsmack (my 2nd favorite rock band) and Shinedown (who's a pretty decent band too) and they're not coming to California so far! Papa ALWAYS come to Sac or Chico!! What the hell man!! I think us Northern Cali fans should protest!! Who's with me? lol
~*Mis heridas me recuerdan que el paso es réal*~

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  1. Re: WTF GUYS??!?!?!?!

    Aug 08

    I was so excited to see their name on Uproar and waited for the dates to finally post.....only to be crushed by a lack of California dates. So disappointed. Gonna try to make a trip to one of the venues, but it would have been so awesome to see them here again.

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