Jan 22

ksoo, thing is. yous should go to canada.. preferably winnipeg mb haha. doo it uppp. c:

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    Jan 24

    Fuck, I caught them in Winnipeg in Aug (Cruefest) and Oct (Powerball 08), and both times my mind was fucking blown.

  2. Re:

    Jan 24

    oh damn, i didnt know they already went. go again :P

  3. Support for Canadian Tour!!!

    Jan 30

    Agreed, while you guys are in Winnipeg swing through Regina. Best concert I have ever been to: March 2007 ~ Small bar, intimate and loud. I would luv to see you guys in an outdoor concert. I was having my lil one when you came though so I missed out.

  4. Re:

    Jan 31

    i agree i missed crue fest. and i want them to come to canada never seen them live but the videos look sick!

  5. RE:

    Jan 31

    yes you really have to come again in canada!

    by the way, when you'll be there come in Quebec!!! PLZ!!!!!!

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