Jul 29

Will you come to Ukraine one more time? Pleeaaaaaseee.

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  1. RE: Ukraine

    Sep 07

    yes) please please please!! You go to Russia and Belarus./ Ukraine is in the middle, why won't you come to us?((((
    I was on your concert last year and it was amazing, but I had to go in the middle of show because of delay that caused by tech problems(((( It was the sadest thing...So I waited for your next tour, and here it comes, but wait! Where is Ukraine in the tour list?wtf?(((((((((((((((

  2. Re: Ukraine

    Sep 08

    I completely agree with Dallilu. Unfortunately I couldn't get to the first concert in Ukraine. Also last time Koby said that he liked in Ukraine and he will back. So we wait and hope for a meeting in the near future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Re: Ukraine

    Sep 09

    Dear Papa Roach , Ukraine extremely needs ur concert. U're gonna touring so close to our country, so we're begging YOU to come. PLEASE!!!!!!!
    There are no words that can show how badly I want to go to ur show. It's cry for your mercy. PLEASE COME TO UKRAINE!!!!!

  4. Re: Ukraine

    Sep 11

    Guys, you're killing us with passing by Ukraine(

  5. Re: Ukraine

    Sep 29

    Guys, why you skip our country between concerts in Minsk and Moscow?? We have a lot your fans who will come to your concert in Kiev and other big cities. Please, don't throw us

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