Jun 12

so about 3 day's i graduated!
took the exams and finally freedom was in my hand, specially when i got a flight tickets as a present to the UK
to visit my cousin, and you can bet that i got even more exited when i saw that papa roach was playing 1 hour away from where i'm going to stay over!
so i decided that i was going to buy a ticket as soon as a got the chance and ofc with my "luck" the tickets are now sold out.......
so now i need all you fellow p-roacher's help to see if there's any chance that somewhere there are still selling tickets to the show or if someone want to sell their tickets!!!


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  1. Re: Sheffield!

    Jun 14

    really bad luck on not getting tickets, i got mine within the first 10 minutes for the Sheffield dates haha!
    there are always ticket touts outside the venue that will be selling tickets, but they will probably be expensive and its never guranteed that they are actually real lol its a big risk. have you tried looking on Ebay? there might be a few on there! Good luck :D

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