Jun 25

Hey, roaches!
Are Papa Roach going to do some shows in Germany? I know there're two dates, but on the one hand it's too far away and on the other it's tricky for me to go to festivals. So does anybody know about it? Would be cool, guys.

..waiting for an answer..


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  1. ..THE FUCK

    Jun 25

    I DUNNO.
    but I'm waiting with you. ahaha. you know what I mean..

  2. Re: GERMANY!

    Aug 02

    i went to the one in sarrbrucken it was bomb loved it
    * KEEP ROCKIN MAMA* -to me from JACOBY

  3. Re: GERMANY!

    Aug 02

    would love to see them somwhere in north germany, *cough* lower Saxony *cough*

  4. Re: GERMANY!

    Feb 02

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  5. Re: GERMANY!

    May 26

    YEAH! Wanna see them @ Munic!!!! It's a dream of my life to see them on stage! COME 2 MUNIC, PAPA ROACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Re: GERMANY!

    May 27

    Yeah, I am sure they will coming back to Munich the upcoming tour for the new album. I`ve seen them three times in the backstage (club) and that where one of the best concerts I`ve ever seen.

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  7. Re: GERMANY!

    Sep 02

    Yeah, their first try:
    toghether with stone sour..... who will watch it?

  8. Re: GERMANY!

    Oct 25

    Seen you 4 times (London Astoria, Download x 2, Sonisphere). Number 5 will be here in Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg. I see you all will be here in Stutty a day earlier. If you're lookin for a place to have a beer or two Wed the 28th, come by Biddy Early's Irish on Marienstrasse. Big place, big international crowd Wed nites for the karaoke. Big variety, but me and some others will be doing the hard rock, metal and punk stuff. I'll even put down my Killkenny and scream out Last Resort and might even share the mic...

  9. Re: GERMANY!

    Oct 26

    heeyyy yeeaaaahhhh

    just love it

  10. Re: GERMANY!

    Dec 05

    I will be there tomorrow in Oberhausen. I ordered VIP Ticket. The only Problem is, that I don't recieve any Mail with details. So I will be there early and hope the best
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  11. Re: GERMANY!

    Dec 06

    The information was sent, see you today! :)

  12. Re: GERMANY!

    Dec 09

    Oberhausen rocked! I really wanna see them again - I hope they will come back next year as they promised.

    Hey, how was your VIP Tickets?

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