10th anniversary show in LA

Mar 08

did they do anything special for it? and who played with them??

i'm goin to the NYC one on tues and i'm going stir crazy haha

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    Mar 08

    the bangkok five and the disowned opened the show.
    what was special about the show to me was the tiny venue and the atmosphere, the fact that they were back in the same venue they used to play at when they were just getting started and were broke, but now it was sold out...it was amazing! but no, they did not do anything special besides telling some stories about their beginnings and stuff, they had a regular setlist and were awesome as always!
    have fun in NYC :)

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    Mar 08
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    Mar 08

    thanks for posting....

    nothing really special you say.. that's kinda a bummer, i thought the set list would be a bit longer but i am sure it is gonna be awesome = )

    see everyone tuesday

  4. 10th anniversary show in LA

    Mar 08

    i was hoping for more from Infest, since that's what got them big in the first place

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    Mar 09

    ^ same. how about some binge, revenge, tightrope?
    it will be great nonetheless.

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