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  1. RE: Wolverhampton!

    Oct 08

    i was there, it was fantastic, i have vip tickets, was probably one of the best gigs ive ever been to, and ive been to a hell of alot lol

  2. RE: Wolverhampton!

    Oct 09

    i went xD
    it was my birthday too, so one of the best nights of my life xD
    jacoby was amazing!

  3. RE: Wolverhampton!

    Oct 10

    That was our first concert for a long time (about ten years I think -sounds sad but sometimes life just takes over...). We liked the band but I wouldn't have considered us as "Papa Roach fans" before. Anyway. We went with an open heart (and high expectations) and they've blown us away!!! Yes, the show was ace, they were real and lovely and - for as long as it lasted - we were living the moment. Thanks a lot!!!

  4. RE: Wolverhampton!

    Oct 11

    i agree, was fantastic!!

  5. RE: Wolverhampton!

    Oct 12

    best gig ever, got to shake his hand when he came upstairs woowoo for wolvo

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