Do a small venues tour

Dec 17

I think it would be awesome for Papa Roach to do a small venues tour. I would love for Papa Roach to come back to Sauget Illinois and play at Pop's!!! Let me know what you think!!!


Great job Wednesday in Poplar Bluff, Mo!!!

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  1. RE: Do a small venues tour

    Dec 18

    A smaller venue is wayyyy better!
    Ive been to buzzfest in houston tx
    it was awesome and everything buttt
    not as amazinggg as when i saw them
    in waco at this small bar in texas. there
    was about 100 people there. and i got front row!
    right against the gate i was like 3 ft away from the stage
    and the stage itself was maybe 3 ft high. Jacoby even
    kissed this one chick on the head >.

  2. RE: Do a small venues tour

    Dec 18

    2 out of the 4 times I've seen them this year have been small venues and I love it! Its just so much more personal and shit

  3. RE: Do a small venues tour

    Dec 18

    Small venue tour is not economically reasonable.

  4. RE: Do a small venues tour

    Dec 18

    FORGET POPS! i am sooo down with this idea. papa roach used to LOVE doing down and dirty club-rock shows. and they can pack the place too, especially if they advertise pretty well in advance. i remember when i didn't have to wait in line with some 15,000 others to see Jacoby kill it onstage. i used to just walk in the door, and see the guys, half the time i could talk to them before or after the show. i liked letting 'em know i keep coming back through the years, and they love to see that their fans are dedicated. it's MUCH harder for the die hards who are broke to buy these V.I.P. packages for GIANT venues like scottrade or what-have-you because they charge outrageous service fees. i'd like to see PAPA ROACH hit up FUBAR a newer bar/stage in st. louis. it's a sweet place, small but comfortable and quite homelike. it'd be nice to have them there around my b-day in feb but who knows how much time they're takin with their fams for the holidays. either way MERRY XMAS p-roach smoke them Christmas TREEEES... hahahaha, YOU LOVE THAT SHIT HUUUUHH!!!!!??????

  5. RE: Do a small venues tour

    Dec 18

    small venues rule, remember when infest broke, they came to waterstreet music hall in rochester ny, amazing, cleveland amazing, darien lake opening for nickel bag, wish nb opened for them, instead of the roaches in the middle of line up.they only played about 40 minutes, no time for the songs lost mid cd, like binge, blood brothers,gouge away.......back to waterstreet

  6. RE: Do a small venues tour

    Dec 19

    I thought they were doing smaller venues.
    The Tulio Arena in Erie only holds about 6,000.
    And there were only about 3,000 people through the gate that night.

    Anything smaller than that, I just don't think is feasable anymore.
    Anything smaller probably isn't even worth the travel costs and time for them anymore.
    Except in special event type cases.

    Nothing like a trail of blood
    To find your way back home

  7. RE: Do a small venues tour

    Dec 19

    Yeah, i thought they were doing smaller venues too, i saw them in a pretty small bar recently in Baltimore...
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  8. RE: Do a small venues tour

    Jan 05

    These smaller venues are by far the best!!! I have gone to so many large shows where 15,000+ of us fans cant see much. I'm to the point where I don't go to the arena shows anymore. This is what happens when the fan base grows. The last time I saw Green Day at an larger arena they looked like fucking ants!! The current tour of Papa Roach was just right!! Keep it simple and keep it small!! Hey Big Lee!!!

  9. RE: Do a small venues tour

    Jan 06

    yeah I lvoe smaller venues - like I'd lvoe to see them in the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh, or Glasgow's ABC or King Tuts - ther are actually TINY. but I don't think it's as much of a problem in the UK as the US - our huge venues are arenas mainly - and unless PR are doin' a festival over here, they never play on like a Massive ground. Gotta love it :D

  10. RE: Do a small venues tour

    Jan 08

    I think they are over due to come back to tulsa oklahoma! Come on guys come back here!
    LUCKY 7

  11. RE: Do a small venues tour

    Feb 06

    Gritty rock club shows are the best & are my favorite way to see Papa Roach - HEADLINING! Of the 5 times I've seen Papa Roach the 2 club shows at The Chance & Electric Factory were rocking hot, sweaty, up close & longer than the arena co headlining shows. Sign me up - in fact this is the type of show I'll look for next time around.

  12. RE: Do a small venues tour

    Apr 04

    It seems like they are doing this now. They are coming back to Midland Tx and some other places that will be small venues. The one here will prob only hold about 2000 ppl or so at the most its gonna be great. but i notice that the smaller places i have heard they are playin at are not listed on the tour page, i wonder why that is

  13. Re: Do a small venues tour

    May 27

    Small venues are the best for sure! I saw them at two reasonably small venues at three of the shows I went to last year, the third was fairly small as well but it was all outside so the sound was different. I would love to see them do a hometown show again :) Ace of Spades was bitchin, but even Sacto Memorial would rock!
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