1. Jacoby Shaddix 93 avatar

    On Jan 22, Jacoby Shaddix 93 said:

    The picture is very good!

  2. kickedintheteeth avatar

    On Jan 02, kickedintheteeth said:

    oh my goodness.

  3. Shaddix.Babe avatar

    On Nov 11, Shaddix.Babe said:

    Woo good crowd ;D

  4. *-X siaani,adaam X-* avatar

    On Mar 19, *-X siaani,adaam X-* said:

    Mr.dick is your nasty,
    rock a mic with a voise thts raspy :D x

  5. eraTiic avatar

    On Feb 19, eraTiic said:

    yeahh as i said many many people

  6. eraTiic avatar

    On Oct 10, eraTiic said:

    verrrry niiiice :)

  7. roach21 avatar

    On Oct 06, roach21 said:

    jacoby is fucken bad ass

  8. kentucky beauty avatar

    On Oct 06, kentucky beauty said:

    this is a really good pic...im out there in that wild crowd somewhere on the right

  9. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Aug 24, Hybrid911 said:

    right on!!! x

  10. Noora.Rocks avatar

    On Aug 18, Noora.Rocks said:

    COOL SHOT!!!

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