1. Leticia Reis avatar

    On Oct 03, Leticia Reis said:

    The smile
    The eyes
    The voice
    oooh God *-*

  2. Shaddix Fuentes avatar

    On Jul 25, Shaddix Fuentes said:

    meee gustaaa

  3. Kurayami avatar

    On Jul 11, Kurayami said:

    i like your face^^ xD it looks.....ähm...ok i say nothing^^

  4. Katelyn Wawrzyniak avatar
  5. Proach avatar

    On May 25, Proach said:


  6. sammydipe avatar

    On Nov 16, sammydipe said:

    lindo. *-*

  7. noah~the~awesome avatar

    On Nov 05, noah~the~awesome said:


  8. DeadCellPunk avatar

    On Sep 19, DeadCellPunk said:

    This shot is perfection :)

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