1. Ania Roach avatar

    On Apr 03, Ania Roach said:

    The best!!!!!

  2. Serafim avatar

    On Oct 08, Serafim said:

    The must crazy singer in the world, i'm not joking man ! You're the best !, Papa Roach are the Best !

  3. Leticia Reis avatar

    On Sep 30, Leticia Reis said:


  4. PRESEAos avatar

    On May 03, PRESEAos said:

    you have so much energy.

  5. Kurayami avatar

    On May 02, Kurayami said:

    Jump Jacoby!! JUMP!!! ;)

  6. JacobyIsLegend! avatar

    On Sep 29, JacobyIsLegend! said:


  7. lizzie1 avatar

    On Sep 28, lizzie1 said:

    Cool :)))

  8. ~Little Red~ avatar

    On Sep 28, ~Little Red~ said:

    def. my fav!!

  9. DeadCellPunk avatar

    On Sep 26, DeadCellPunk said:

    EVEN BETTER!!!!!

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