1. PapaRoach4ever avatar

    On Apr 08, PapaRoach4ever said:

    thts sick:)

  2. llkasll avatar

    On Jan 05, llkasll said:

    thanks to everyone that has complimented my tattoo :)

  3. Shaddix.Babe avatar

    On Oct 16, Shaddix.Babe said:

    Ha this is awesome :)

  4. AddictedToPapaRoach avatar

    On Oct 09, AddictedToPapaRoach said:

    That;s so cool!

  5. OrestisIV avatar

    On Oct 03, OrestisIV said:


  6. blumissy avatar

    On Sep 15, blumissy said:


  7. Lucky7 avatar

    On Jul 12, Lucky7 said:

    Cool! looks good!

  8. papa ro[a]ch avatar

    On Jun 18, papa ro[a]ch said:

    fucking love it!!!!!!!!!!

  9. PapaRoachisLife avatar

    On Jun 08, PapaRoachisLife said:

    i have to say that is fuckin awesome!

  10. Sophie Poole avatar

    On Jun 06, Sophie Poole said:

    Thats an awsome tatoo!

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