1. Noelle1989 avatar

    On Aug 07, Noelle1989 said:

    i mean PAPA ROACH :P damn..typing is hard sometimes :P LOL

  2. Noelle1989 avatar

    On Aug 06, Noelle1989 said:

    Thank`s I love this picture, i gonna enlarg it and hang it above my bed :P
    Fred took great pictures :D so ....Thank`s Fred :D

    We were not aloud to take pictures during the meet and greet (only with the soundcheck), so i gues that someone else can`t take the picture while the picture is taken.... But you can ask it??? Mabe you`re lucky..:)

  3. camaro avatar

    On Aug 05, camaro said:

    Great pic Noelle!! Tobin is looking sexy as always

  4. coby's lil' FUCKER avatar

    On Aug 05, coby's lil' FUCKER said:

    hhehehe i cant wait to do this.. good pic hun.. i have a ? tho what if u have a camera can sumone else take the pic while they take a pic with u?

  5. rocking roach avatar

    On Aug 04, rocking roach said:

    rock&roll babe x

  6. Noelle1989 avatar

    On Aug 03, Noelle1989 said:

    Woehoe :D thats me!!! With Para Roach :D!! Yeah!!

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