Broken Home (2000)

Broken Home (2000)

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  1. Icarus avatar

    On Jun 13, Icarus said:

    This song is sooooo Coooooooool!!!!! It really has great Rock Energy! Love you Papa Roach!!!!

  2. Laura Shaddix avatar

    On Feb 02, Laura Shaddix said:

    Awesome song!

  3. Billy Sawyers avatar

    On Jan 20, Billy Sawyers said:

    love this song p.s when u all comen to pikevill,ky

  4. CupcakeVmpr avatar

    On Nov 09, CupcakeVmpr said:

    Amazing video, such emotion. I love the screaming. In those types of situations you just want to break stuff & scream.

  5. Jenn Jea avatar

    On Nov 05, Jenn Jea said:

    can help me with a "like" in this page? please :)

  6. TheBigRoach2468 avatar

    On Sep 26, TheBigRoach2468 said:

    Best song ever!!! old or new stuff Papa Roach still rockz!!!!!

  7. PRAshleyJordan3DG avatar

    On Sep 23, PRAshleyJordan3DG said:

    I'm in love with this song, I can relate

  8. Weed Rocks avatar

    On Jul 13, Weed Rocks said:

    I hate my father for putting me through this, this song is like my life

  9. JJ12 avatar

    On Jun 09, JJ12 said:

    This is my life from when I spent most of my life in foster care...Papa Roach....Thanks for what you do.. I listen to you guys and it so relates to my Life...Love you guys...P.S. When you coming back to Milwaukee, WI


    On Jun 03, MEXICAN PHYCO*KITTY said:

    this realats to my life now alot, my dad is an ass whole who beats me and my sister, he nevr hit my mom but he breaks her down emotionaly, a few years ago my brother kicked his ass but now my brother is the only one of us that he is nice to..... hes a drunk and a few months ago he came home drunk and broke down my bed room door and beat me till my sister kicked his ass cuz my mom was at "home" so she couldnt mom wont get a devorce cuz if she does he would get the house that he made and we would have to move to juares....

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