Hollywood Whore (2008)

Hollywood Whore (2008)

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  1. little_miss_naughty avatar

    On Mar 13, little_miss_naughty said:

    There you go! how most of the population will die.

  2. Jared_Ellis avatar

    On Aug 28, Jared_Ellis said:

    This song is sick as hell!!

  3. psychorsnn avatar

    On May 29, psychorsnn said:

    ending all killed

  4. gabryel avatar

    On Apr 16, gabryel said:


  5. Tj Helm avatar

    On Mar 26, Tj Helm said:

    this song reminds me of taylor swift!

  6. pigpie15 avatar

    On Dec 28, pigpie15 said:

    I like all the wee hand gestures he does :)

  7. Seby avatar

    On Dec 09, Seby said:

    Haha everyone says she reminds them of their Ex's. I love the part when Jacoby laughs.

  8. xGHOSTx CUBA avatar

    On Oct 03, xGHOSTx CUBA said:

    AWESOME!! what can be better then a blonde whore. should of been shitney spears.

  9. Alec Wilson avatar

    On Feb 15, Alec Wilson said:


  10. Jenn Jea avatar

    On Nov 05, Jenn Jea said:

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