1. MissRoach4Ever avatar

    On Dec 29, MissRoach4Ever said:

    i will say album of the century TIME FOR ANNHILATION

  2. Jenn Jea avatar

    On Nov 05, Jenn Jea said:

    can help me with a "like" in this page? http://www.facebook.com/paparoachargentina please :)

  3. roachman98 avatar

    On May 17, roachman98 said:

    there is alot more papa roach to come

  4. BURNDEADCELL avatar

    On Apr 04, BURNDEADCELL said:

    so fuckin awesome

  5. mrs-shaddix87 avatar

    On Oct 06, mrs-shaddix87 said:

    wow, can't believe i have been a PR fan for a decade now, since i was just 13, thats incredible! The other bands i lstened to at that time, like Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, faded out of my life long ago but i think its awesome that i can still listen to you guys and love your music so much. You guys ROCK!

  6. roach 15 avatar

    On Sep 22, roach 15 said:

    I dont really know what to say.... i have seen this video before ... but this time it gave me this weird kind of "happines" .... anyway.. its great to see that you guys are happy and that you keep making music i hope you will continue until the day you guys die... and yes Dave leaving the band was a really hard ... but now when Tony is here... i cant imagine anything that would stop you guys viva la cucaracha keep rocking guys.

  7. Shyanne(: avatar

    On Jun 21, Shyanne(: said:

    OMFG Jacoby is so sexiii (:

  8. Sophie Poole avatar

    On Jun 05, Sophie Poole said:


  9. tamara soria avatar

    On May 05, tamara soria said:

    =) I really liked the video ?

  10. Lisa loves Jacoby avatar

    On May 02, Lisa loves Jacoby said:

    Change to papa Roach or DIE!
    But well it is an amazing video! (:

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