I Almost Told You That I Loved You (Teaser01)

I Almost Told You That I Loved You (Teaser01)

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What's up ya'll, here is a little sneak peek of the new video for "I Almost Told You That I Loved You". More to come!!! - The Guys

  1. urfuckinperfecttomejacoby=) avatar

    On Feb 15, urfuckinperfecttomejacoby=) said:

    i love this song cus it like brings music to like a whole new level

  2. MissRoach4Ever avatar

    On Dec 29, MissRoach4Ever said:

    jacoby looks so hot in here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jenn Jea avatar

    On Nov 05, Jenn Jea said:

    can help me with a "like" in this page? http://www.facebook.com/paparoachargentina please :)

  4. crazed_seattleite avatar

    On Jan 10, crazed_seattleite said:

    Great song, the world suck without you all.

  5. renattorock avatar

    On May 25, renattorock said:

    i love this song!! its fucking crazy!! yeahhhh

  6. ROCK_GOD666 avatar

    On Apr 02, ROCK_GOD666 said:


  7. Lucky7 avatar

    On Jan 08, Lucky7 said:

    Thats crazy...lol

  8. Rachel Stoudt avatar

    On Nov 25, Rachel Stoudt said:

    Love the video!! Thats some hot shit!!

  9. Lette avatar

    On Sep 28, Lette said:

    fuckin insane u guys love it . Never know wat to expect from u guys it keeps gettin better and better

  10. red25sox33 avatar

    On Aug 07, red25sox33 said:

    love it

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