1. Gitte avatar

    On Nov 17, Gitte said:

    Copenhagen, Denmark, was AWESOME the 12th of November!
    The first time I saw you guys live - not gonna be the last!
    Hope to see you soon again in Denmark!

  2. urfuckinperfecttomejacoby=) avatar

    On Feb 16, urfuckinperfecttomejacoby=) said:

    wen yall comin to bmore man we miss ya over here

  3. lovehatetragedyPR avatar

    On Jul 20, lovehatetragedyPR said:


  4. LiffsAHOY avatar

    On Jul 15, LiffsAHOY said:

    Please come back to New Zealand.

  5. DeadCellPunk avatar

    On Jul 06, DeadCellPunk said:

    Thanks I really enjoyed these. Will def watch again coz you guys talk strait to my heart.
    This part especially; I hear U LOUD & CLEAR on missing your family.

  6. Jacoby Shaddix 93 avatar

    On Jan 07, Jacoby Shaddix 93 said:

    Nice video :)

  7. aziza shaddix avatar

    On Nov 05, aziza shaddix said:

    Hi papa roach band . when are you guys going to post the next question video?

  8. Synyster_Gates_Is_Mine! avatar

    On Mar 16, Synyster_Gates_Is_Mine! said:

    Hey , Well im pretty sure all of your die hard fans know you come from a broken home so howdya come from nothin and still be amazing and not fuck up like the rest of us.....??

    Ohhh yeah, your fit as hell by the way :)
    Love Laul Xx

  9. Dead cell - aka BC-bunny avatar

    On Feb 19, Dead cell - aka BC-bunny said:

    Hey guys hows it going? my question is what is your favourite venue in the uk? for like crazy crowds or things going on backstage. I know im only allowed to ask one but i have another did you play any tricks on the two bands that supported you on the metamorphosis tour last october? XD keep on rockin i love you guys peace out X

    VIVA LA CUCARACHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Christie Tracks avatar

    On Jan 21, Christie Tracks said:

    i realize this is late. . . when are you guys going to post the next question video?

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