1. jacobyisdahman avatar

    On Nov 11, jacobyisdahman said:

    this is an amazing album! i have loved everything papa roach has ever done. they never fail to impress. not as good as their infest album but pretty close. definitely an amazing album.

  2. N_slek avatar

    On Nov 05, N_slek said:

    Great album, as ususal :D

  3. fabian avatar

    On Nov 01, fabian said:


  4. MadlSleaze avatar

    On Oct 30, MadlSleaze said:

    great fucking new album! rock on! greetz

  5. Love paparoach avatar

    On Oct 30, Love paparoach said:

    Love you Jacoby Toby Tobin and Jerry

  6. Love paparoach avatar

    On Oct 30, Love paparoach said:

    Me and my family got the disc first day it came out

  7. dough_ang avatar

    On Oct 09, dough_ang said:

    Just received The Connection today....love it....Papa Roach always ROCKS...you guys are my fav.favorite

  8. luis the shaddix avatar

    On Oct 08, luis the shaddix said:

    wao que álbum tan mas genial jaja si papa roach es la mejor banda que a existido !viva la cucaracha!

  9. Serafim avatar

    On Oct 08, Serafim said:

    I've waited soo long for this albumm, thank you papa roach, thank you for being the BEST band in this world !!!

  10. Sisa avatar

    On Oct 08, Sisa said:

    I know you by a friend, and you have become an inspiration for me, especially your voice and your energy Jacoby, and The Connection is great and soo dangerous :-)))

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